Tom Petty, Ryan Montbleau, and Guster

I was fortunate enough to attend a songwriting retreat with Ryan Montbleau.  First and foremost, the time spent there was transformative.  I’ve got a lot of new songs and a new perspective on music as a result and I am incredibly thankful to have met such wonderful musicians and people on the retreat.

Some very cool moments include: (1) Getting to be a part of the Tom Petty Tribute show at High Ground in Burlington, VT.  (2) Ryan Miller of the band Guster was a part of the show as well and I accosted him for a photo in between songs.  (3) I formed two new bands on the retreat: The Martine Express and The Really Tiny Watermelons.

Unfortunately, the retreat saw me rewrite all of my newly recorded songs.  Thus, it is back to the studio to lock down some new versions of songs.  Spotify will have to wait for now.  But I’m happy with what I’ve turned out in the past few weeks.  The “band” has now changed our name to “Drew and The Truth” to better reflect what we’re about.  We just finished a gig at Loaded Question Brewing playing 80% original music for 2 hours and could have easily hit that 2 hour mark with original music only.  This is a milestone and something that I’m very proud of.

We will be booking new winter shows shortly so stay tuned!